Selection of the most cutting-edge contemporary and emerging art fairs.

Art fairs, biennials and triennials are the meeting point between art lovers and professionals, major galleries and artists. They're definitely the best place to see new trends in international contemporary art.

Whether you're a veteran art collector or a first time buyer, our list of art fairs will help you plan your cultural agenda.

From New York to Shanghai, you will find from established art fairs to the newest events, with all the information you need to know.

We also include information about new emerging art events, key elements for the most innovative and alternative artistic production and its devoted audience, especially interesting to discover the future of contemporary art before it has an official representation.

The events that you'll find here will offer a close look at the most innovative art to date and the latest trends in the global market and emerging contemporary art.

In the information we offer, you will find a description of the show, information about opening hours, the opening of the fair, location, related art projects and exhibitions highlights of each event.


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