Aarti Balakrishnan


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Collage
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    London, United Kingdom

    About the artist

    I am a self-taught artist and find my inspiration in the experiences that life has to offer. What started off as a hobby and an enabler for creative thinking has now turned into a passion.

    All art on this site is available for sale. I am selling these to create space for more art and, this venture is not commercially motivated. Personally, I believe in making art affordable. Hence, the price tag on these paintings are to cover the cost of time and materials. At the moment, I am restricting the sale to the UK unless, there is demand for these elsewhere. Please email me for price of individual items and offers.

    Art on this site has been classified as 'On Canvas' - Art that has been done on canvas using a variety of paint media, 'On Ceramic' - Art that has been painted on ceramic and, Other Media - Canvas Charts, Paper, Papyrus, Tanjore art etc,. You can buy these as a gift or for decorating your homes. If you require, I will be able to provide suggestions on what themes would suit your current home decor. I am also happy to create a painting for you as long as there sufficient notice for the commission. The guarantee on this site is for colourful and original paintings hence, I am unable to create replica(s) for paintings that have been sold.

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