Adam Daley Wilson


    • Digital artist
    • Graffiti
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Neoconceptual
    • Photographer
    • Street art
    • Conceptual / Pop Con / Pop


    Gem Gallery, Portland ME, United States

    About the artist

    American Pop / Conceptual Artist.  Recent works: "American Damage"; "American Schizophrenia (American Mental Illness)."


    Adam Daley Wilson's Artist's Statement:

    After 20 years as a painter and sculptor, I began focused experimental projects as to both process and substance in 2011, exploring blends of Pop and Conceptual Art. The nuclear question of these explorations was this: Should art make you think? Or should it just look pretty on your wall? As my experiments continued, my art took the former position, not the latter --- through a process that created blunt, austere, minimalist works juxtaposing language to offer intellectually valid yet rebellious and insurrectionary statements --- not cliches --- on American society, culture, and politics.

    My focus since then is constant engagement with the question of not just how to make art, but how to make art that guts stereotypical tropes, to dare the inquisitive viewer to pause, re-evaluate, and think. I create art that provokes the viewer --- not provocation for its own sake, but to seduce the viewer into voluntarily accepting the challenge of the conceptual and intellectual questions that my works present. I create works that confront the viewer not just for the thrill of confrontation, but to eviscerate conventional wisdom in order to explore our American realities.

    Immediately recognizable, my process is my language, my juxtapositions, my statement, and my composition. With words that are electrically charged in our society, my works are, upon first view, open to incongruity, different meanings, several permutations, and multiple interpretations across the spectrum of intellectual thought. And then, even when the work snaps together for the viewer, the viewer is *still* required to think, as many of my works are purposely ambiguous, forcing the viewer to get off the bench, make a personal decision, and take a personal stand.

    Artistically, although they appear straightforward, the works are the result of dozens and sometimes hundreds of hours of experimentation and revision with the constituent parts to achieve both the illusion of simplicity and the symmetry and balance required to communicate multiple meanings in a rigid quadrilateral form and rectangular grid. The result is the transformation of fragmented words and phrases into a gorgeous geometrical shape that both demands instant attention while providing a formalism of balance, order, and equality that soothes the eyes and mind of the viewer once the viewer's work with the intellectual and even moral questions posed by the work are initially complete.

    This is not for everyone, and most of my works are not for the faint. Not all art should be required to make you think, but some art should, and that is the path for me. To focus the viewer not on the medium but on the message, I compose works that have multiple levels of communication, colors that embed multiple statements, and a formalism that allows the viewer to be free to absorb the linguistic and structural dissonance that at first creates tension, and then climax, through the substantive agitations, declarations, and meanings in the language of the works themselves.

    Linguistic conceptualism, post-conceptualism, abstraction, and ready-made stenciling all have a rich art history and intellectual history --- Christopher Wool, Ed Ruscha, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Bruce Nauman, and Lawrence Weiner; works of the Cubists, Futurists, and Constructivists; Picasso, Jasper Johns, and Francis Bacon --- many of whom reference all the way back to Duchamp. With profound gratitude to these masters for inspiration, I am committed to experiment and evolve, striving not to just depict words as images, and not to just depict the current zeitgeist, but instead to create works that hold brutally honest mirrors to our culture, society, and politics --- investigating, and recording, the possible truths of who we are, where we are, and, perhaps, why we are.

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