Agustí Centelles


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    About the artist

    Today his sons, Sergi and Octavi, are engaged to publicize the work of his father Agustí.
    1909: Agustí Centelles i Ossó was born in Valencia

    Born in Valencia. His family moved to Barcelona when Centelles was one year old. He went to work as an apprentice in 1924 at the photographic studio of Ramon Baths where he learned the art of portraiture. A few years later became assistant Josep Badosa who introduced him in photojournalism. Became independent in 1934 and worked in newspapers like The Publicitat, Diari de Barcelona, last minute or La Vanguardia.

    He is considered one of the pioneers of photojournalism in Spain and some have reached the Robert Capa denominarle Catalan.
    Agustí Centelles work, a key figure of photojournalism Spanish, is an inescapable testimony of one of the episodes that have marked the history and visual memory of Spain to this day: the Civil War. Eligibilities, the views and the depth of his photographs, taken with the Leica, trapping time transpiring modernity. Works poetic epic power and dramatic intensity that far from falling into anecdotism show a naked reality of discursive potential. Photojournalism vetoed by the Franco regime, to return from exile in 1994, was devoted to advertising photography. Two years before his death, won the National Award for Photography.

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