Ahlam Shibli


    • Female


    About the artist

    1970: Born in Palestine

    Her artistic medium is photography. Her work explores the life of what she describes as "her people," Palestinians of Bedouin descent in Israel.Adrian Searle describes her photographs as "unsentimental and undramatic...extremely moving." In 2005, she photographed Israeli-Arab soldiers who volunteer for military service in the Israeli Defense Forces Tracker Unit.

    She has also photographed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in London, Zurich, Barcelona and Tel Aviv; foreigner caregivers and the elderly in Barcelona; and children in orphanages in Poland.

    Shibli was chosen as the first Artist-in-Residence for the city of Acre in a program sponsored by that city in conjunction with Israel's Culture and Sport Ministry. Her work, "Five Senses," was exhibited at the 2002 Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre.

    Source: Ahlam Shibli Wiquipedia

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