Ajay sharma


    • Male
    • Painter


    Indian Art Ideas gallery, noida

    About the artist

    Ajay Sharma was born in Kharagpur (West Bengal) in 1971.From his childhood he was deeply interested in Art and started taking Art lessons at a tender age from local art teachers, till he came to study Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts (MSU, Baroda) in 1991 and completed Graduation in 1995 and subsequently his Post-graduation in 1997. Soon after he went to the Kanoria Centre for Arts in Ahmedabad where he rented the studio space and continued his Art practice for sometime along with his classmates and other fresh Graduates from MSU. My works involve a subjective way of looking at and an attempt at deciphering the meaning of my surroundings from a myriad of images, which are part and parcel of my life as well as the visual culture around me. I draw my artistic inspiration from the reality around me where news,literature,poetry and cinema give direction to my artistic endeavor. I realize that the larger global cultures, sociopolitical issues, urbanization and urban life, environmental issues, all collectively impact and influence individual destinies.

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