Alberto de Blobs


    • Male
    • Street art


    About the artist

    1982: Was born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet

    Alberto de Blobs, painter and illustrator, born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet on March 19, 1982, breaks with his first paintings in 1994, at the scene of graffiti, in Poble Nou (Barcelona). Interested from the beginning by the graffiti, mural painting and the letter in the world wild style, this movement was crucial in the life of Blobs. In a short time creates an original style in this field, considered one of the greatest challenges to a graffiti writer, for its quality and style. Blobs, unfolded with ease, creating original works in the streets of Barcelona, full of harmony and knowledge, by failing to develop the full potential of its vigorous and emphatic style, won a favorable reception in the audience of graffiti.

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