Alberto Pina


    • Male

    About the artist

    1971: Born in Athens, Greece
    1999: First solo exhibition at the Gallery Utopia Parkway. Madrid
    2004: First collective exhibition at 17 city of Zamora painting biennial. XXVI Plasencia painting autumn Salon

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Printmaking from the University Complutense of Madrid. He was a pupil of Francisco Cortijo, which aprendriera value to deepen the mysteries of his artistic vocation and taste for work and personal care in the field of figurative painting. "Within the haunting atmosphere, irritating and obsessive of New Objectivity, in the line of a painting that besides changing the metaphysical irony, analyzes geometric relationships with more demanding than those set forth in the radical ideology of Cercle et Carré. Pina's painting is directly related to their attitude and the particular obsession of presenting things in all its forms and conventional normality is, built from a personal choice to do something different with authentic images of reality.