Alejandro Aldehuela


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Painter
    • mediador y crítico de arte



    About the artist

    "Since the dawn of humanity man has been able to express terror through aesthetics. Terror is a feeling that you have to know and explore the monsters within us because unfortunately social conflicts come from all those fears that are not known to target. I believe that through line and color can catch those leviathans staying at the dark side of our unconscious. Terror is transgression, creativity and expressed nightmare is changing and natural future that always terrifies us In short, I told the wonderful Louise Bourgeois 'An artist is able to show things that terrify others express them' " ALEJANDRO ALDEHUELA He was born in 1978 in Seville, Spain. Law degree from the University Pablo de Olavide Seville, Mediator Training in art therapy techniques, Project Director ART BRUT: The role of art in society and collaborator as a mediator and artist radio Guadalquivir, Critical Code (EMA). His work explores the psychological aspects, patently reflects the vulnerability of the human condition and the current crisis communicative social groups. A grotesque and heartrending art critic clear social componet. He is passionate expressionism and Art brut and is convinced that abstraction and figuration go hand in hand creating multiple avenues for experimentation. Reference painters are Goya, Kooning, Andreas Golder