Alejandro Medina


    • Male
    • Collage
    • Digital artist


    About the artist

    A twenty year old visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California; who was introduced to the visual arts when he was given his first camera as an eleven year old. Initially teaching himself about photography through books and the internet, and later on attending the international school of photography, La Fototeca in Guatemala. His first public exhibition was during the summer of 2010 in the inaugural Guatephoto Festival becoming one of the youngest artists to exhibit his work in Guatemala's Museum of Modern Art. He has now exhibited in several other national exhibitions and internationally at festivals in North America, Europe and Asia. He is currently studying architecture at the University of Southern California under a merit scholarship.

    The series Transfigurations is the result of repetitive collage. Magazine cut outs are collaged by hand, photographed and then collaged digitally. The digital collage is then printed out and goes through the same process two or three times. The physicality of the process is a means of adding life into the original photographs of inanimate objects. The collage activates these objects through the physical cutting, pasting and rearranging. The idea being to comment on the "life" that these inanimate objects have, guns and other power symbols. That although "lifeless" can come to play active roles under certain conditions.

    Transfigurations was awarded an honorable mention at Juannio 2014, Latin American Art Auction.