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    About the artist

    Alessandro Iacopelli
    Born in Rome, Italy, 22 October 1982
    Graduated in Set Decoration with first class honors

    My works are born from a deep and passionate love for entomology, meaning the branch of zoology that deals with insects. In my childhood I was rarely engaged in games with boys my age. Rather, I was very much attracted to - and absorbed by - the watching and the research of that fascinating world of unusual interest for a child: the world of insects.

    One day, some years ago, by chance I took pictures of an insect by using a digital camera and was able to discover a reality previously hidden to my gaze; it was the universe of shapes and colors that has inspired many a design for modern architectures.

    My works, thus, are often inspired by the representation of the creatures I observe when turning to what has become a real passion for me: the macro-photography of insects.

    The choice of materials to use for my sculptures came about by chance when watching my brother using some metal sheets to provide the cover for a book. With the waste material I proceeded to create some small insects. I was delighted by the ease the metal sheet allowed shaping forms and by the final result so beautiful to the eye.

    At that time I was a high school student in a Roman Liceo specializing in art subjects; all activities were quite interesting, though theory classes were sometimes not very exciting. So I took to sketching during classes, with the result that I received very good marks in pencil drawing of ornaments and figure sketching. Yet I missed the possibility to experiment with new materials to suit my need for artistic creativity.

    After high school I temporarily put studies aside and started working with my father who is a set decorator in Rome’s Cinema City. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to use wood for stage decorations. Also, I discovered that set decoration was functional to learning the skills necessary for the artistic creations I had in mind. I therefore joined the Roman Academy of Arts to major in Set Decoration.

    Also, I enlisted in the F.N.U.R., an Association for Naturalistic Photography. I bought my first Digital Reflex camera, with a macro lens for very small objects, so as to pursue my passion for insect photography. Indeed, my interest for the subject grew very deep and I took to travelling in remote areas, alone, with my equipment for the close study of insects unknown to me as my only companion. It gave me the magic opportunity to record on film, and into my memory, every living creature and beautiful landscape I was lucky enough to encounter in my expeditions.

    During my years at the Academy I took to painting and produced a great number of paintings, but discovered that this art was not exactly my favorite means of expression. So I started to put metal pieces into my paintings, but finally realized that it was metal sculpture that really gave me the artistic satisfaction I was looking for.

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