Alex Cuchilla


    • Male
    • Realism


    About the artist

    Alex Cuchilla was born in El Salvador in 1971. He studied Bachelor in Visual Arts from the University of El Salvador, and graphic design at the Technical University. He studied with teachers as Héctor Hernández and Isaías Matta between 1993 and 1995. He resided temporarily in Mexico, under the guidance and studies of Arturo Rivera (2000).

    He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, England, Japan, among others.

    Among thementions he has received are: Honorable Mention in the contest American Primitive Painters, SDC, 1998: First Place in the International Painting Contest Salvadoran worker Heart, Foreign Ministry; 2000: First Place in the First Biennial of Art Paiz, El Salvador; 2001: First place in the Third Biennial of Art Paiz of El Salvador; 2005: He was a finalist (2001 and 2002) and First Place (2006) Competition of Latin American Art Auction Juannio. As part of the prize stated in Gallery Great American Urbe Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba in the 2007; First Price 2013-2014 Palm Art Award; 2014: Selected Contemporary International artists, Museum of the Americas, Miami; 2014: Finalist, Premio Combat Price, Italy; 2014: First Place "Mind, Spirit & Emotion" Art, NY.

    His work belongs to private collections in El Salvador and abroad, as well as public collections, among which we can mention: home collection of the Americas (Cuba), Museum of Modern Art (Dominican Republic), collection of the Art Museum Salvador (MARTE), Guatemala Paiz foundation collection.

    Some publications: new flags a young expression of identity (Lopez Bruni, Telefónica), to the beat of time processes and influences in art Salvador (MARTE Museum of Art of El Salvador), global triennial stamp (Chamalieres, AMAC, France), who's who in visual art, 42 masters of realistic imagery (art leipzin Domain whois verlag, Germany 2013), Exhibition-presentation of the 2nd. volume of the book "30 Selected Contemporary International Artists" published by the Museum of the Americas Artists Library.

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