Alexey Wind


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Neoconceptual
    • Photographer
    • Video artist


    Avant Gallery

    About the artist

    Russian-born Alexey Wind is a photographer and filmmaker based out of New York City, his home for the last five years. As a self-proclaimed lifelong creative, Wind’s muse and source of creativity is none other than city in which he lives. Wind’s background is varied, he has worked in the European fashion industry, photographed musicians, and also apprenticed with fellow Russian artist Murad Osmann. His wide exposure to the creative arts shaped his artistic style and vision which is demonstrated in his visually captivating and innovative photographs of the female form.

    ‘PLAY’ solo exhibition, (DATES), Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
    ‘The Epic Show’ group exhibition, Avant Gallery, Miami Beach Art Basel 2015, Miami.

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