Ali Bartu


    • Female
    • Photographer
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Designer


    About the artist

    Alisa Katerina is from the Tijuana/San Diego border region. She lives a transborder lifestyle crossing back and forth from Mexico to the United States. Economics, politics, art, and gastronomy blend together as she battles with the tug and pull of late Capitalism in her mid 20s. 


    She is an activist for undocumented immigrants, womens rights, and the LGBT community and holds a BA in Latin American Studies. 

    Alisa has worked for the Consulate of Mexico in San Francisco offering information on how to continue education for immigrants in the United States.  She also has strong interest in the world of biology and architecture. 

    The dynamic relationship between digital and material realities is what motivates her work. 

    While she does not consider herself an artist she is willing to participate in projects to further her passion for expression and creation.