• Female
    • Street art

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Great Britain, France, and Spain
    Graduated from Rome's Academy of Fine Arts
    1980: Was born in Rome

    AliCè: Alice Pasquini is a visual artist from Rome who works as an illustrator, set designer, and painter. Alice's preferred canvases are city walls and she'€™s traveled widely in the past few years to bring her artwork to life on the streets of different cities across the globe.

    Growing up in the culture of '90s hip-hop, she was struck by the heroine of a comic named Sprayliz, which centered around a girl who created politically themed graffiti, and using this inspiration she began moving toward the world of street art.

    Through her art she strives to demonstration the small moments between people and their connections to one another. She wishes to represent human emotion and explore these emotions from a different point of view. Alice is particularly interested in the representation of women in art and the desire to show strong, independent women in a way that differs from the highly sexualized image of femininity that is typically seen in society.

    Born in 1980, Alice graduated from Rome's Academy of Fine Arts and then lived and worked in Great Britain, France, and Spain. While in Madrid she completed coursework in animation at the well-respected Ars animación school and, in 2004, obtained an MA in critical art studies at the Universidad Computense. She then worked with the Spanish department store Il Corte Engles as a set designer for Cortylandia. Here she was able to use her design skills to design amusement parks for children.

    Alice has also worked with international clients (Nike, Range Rover, Toyota, Microsoft, Gazzetta dello Sport) on PR campaigns and has collaborated in a wide range of design projects, both as a graphic designer and illustrator. Some of these projects include work with the design magazine Experimenta, Il Venerdì della Repubblica, and as the art director of the satirical magazine Greenager.

    In 2011 the graphic novel Vertigine, illustrated by Alice and written by Melissa P, was released by Italian publisher Rizzoli.

    Alice's works have been exhibited both in Italy and abroad (2000 Fine Art Foyer - Loughborought (UK), 2003 Centro Luigi Di Sarro - Rome, 2006 Atelier ESC - Rome, 2009 Mondopop Gallery - Rome, 2010 Centro arte giovane - Turin, 2011 & 2012 Espace Pierre Cardin - Paris, 2012 999Contemporary Gallery - Rome, 2012 Mutuo Centro de Arte - Barcelona).

    Forthcoming exhibitions in 2013, include solo exhibitions at the Tri-Mission Gallery inside the American Embassy in Rome and at 44309 Gallery in Dortmund, Germany.

    Her murals have appeared across the globe (Sydney, Oslo, Brest, Paris, and Rome to name a few) and she often participates in urban art events and festivals. In 2011 she was one of many International street artists to participate in Paris' Underbelly Project.

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