Alicia Eggert


    • Female
    • Neoconceptual

    About the artist

    "As a conceptual artist, my work always begins and ends with an idea, and the materials I work with are chosen based upon their ability to communicate a concept as clearly and concisely as possible. The more I refine my ideas and develop as an artist, the more I find language to be the most direct and appropriate material for realizing them. The most refined ideas can be expressed by a single word. At the surface level, language appeals to me because it’s accessible. In order to understand the work, a person only needs to know how to read. But upon closer inspection, language has the ability to contain a multitude of complexities. One simple word can contain a world of meaning.

    Wonder is both a noun and a verb. It is a “feeling of surprise caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” It is also an action, a “desire to know something” that is currently unknown. To wonder is to play, and like a child, discover something unexpected about yourself and the world around you. My art practice is founded on my own sense of wonder, and my personal goal is to create works of art that inspire a sense of wonder in others.

    Because my art practice is driven by concept as opposed to process, my most successful work is made in collaboration. Many artists enjoy working alone in their studios, but I prefer making work in conversation. It allows me to share the experience, the excitement, the responsibility and the success with another person. The final product is essentially also a collaboration, this time between the artists and the audience. In the end, the work is yours as much as it is mine."

    Alicia Eggert

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