Amanda Lewis


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Photographer
    • String Artist


    Rock Your Walls

    About the artist

    Home is where your heart is, and where you can really express yourself! All of our items are handmade and most with repurposed/recycled items! Make a better impact on the planet and a statement in your home with one of our beautiful pieces!

    -I am a dedicated and very driven individual. My competitive intelligence, creativity and my genuine compassion for helping others keeps me focused and moving forward in life!

    -When not creating things, I enjoy spending time with my family, the love of my life Jon and our 3 fur babies (cats) Jackie Chan, Lady Gato and Spooky, my band family (Metal Shop Dallas!), traveling, photography, cooking, inventing, writing cook books, gardening, DIY, home improvements, building and listening to music!

    -I own my own business called INSEDIA Marketing Solutions. Our goal is to help businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, retain their current customers and grow their business with a steady amount of new customers. We do that by implementing effective marketing strategies that won't break the bank. Helping people, help people!

    -I am the Marketing/Graphic Designer for the AMAZING organization, Breast Cancer Can Stick It! We raise awareness and funds for a cure by orchestrating energetic, unique, music-minded events that ROCK to ultimately STICK IT to breast cancer!


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