Amina Alzayani


    • Female
    • Painter


    Mashq Gallery, Manama, Bahrain
    The K market, Manama, Bahrain

    About the artist

    Amina Alzayani’s paintings are a personal perception of her surroundings and those around her. Originally from Bahrain, she also lived in different parts of the world including London, The United States and Switzerland. Although her style is considered Figurative, she feels free to paint whatever intense emotion she feels through her art. Her main focus is the face and eyes; the artist believes that the face and eyes confess all the secrets to the heart. There are a few repetitive themes that appear in her work such as, desolation, deep emotion and women. The artist studied Liberal Studies at Northeastern University in Boston and has recently graduated with masters in Marketing from the United Kingdom. Despite not studying in an art institution, with dedication she took on an objective to learn the basis of what she intends to create on her own. With hours of sketching and immense discipline she found herself attain a great amount of skill. Her plans are to make contradictory and abstract works while still committed to her figurative paintings through portraits. The artist continues to educate and challenge herself through the freedom of exploring the language of paint.

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