Anas Etan


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Surrealist


    About the artist

    Every shadow is cast by a real object, and every shadow can develop its own unique characteristics that deviate from the existing object. The presence of a shadow usually raises questions whereas in another perspective the shadow can also be the answer.

    The shadow is an enigma of reality whose presence is only a symbolic representation of the "original" object inviting us to imagine, to intuit, and even to be dragged into a fantasy world.

    We have a circus within ourselves colorful, moving and changing through our own will into whatever we want. Unsurprisingly, we feel anger, sadness, confusion, calm, fear, and we even smile at ourselves because we get absorbed into the self-created scenarios we create in our own minds.

    This collection of paintings is my contemplation on the many facets of life. I build a fantasy world while also attempting to visually empower the viewer by presenting things in a much broader context.