Andrea Hrnjak


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Vienna

    Andrea Hrnjak is an illustrator based in Vienna with passion for Manga,Art Deco,fairy tales,American gothic tales,old movies and vintage fashion. Her elaborate whimsical illustrations are mixture of innocence,beauty and melancholy,obsessed with details,memories and nature.

    A Siberian husky named Otis is what keeps illustrating nomad Andrea Hrnjak coming back to her Austrian home. Her journey of life took her along cartoons, old photographs, Manga, American gothic and fashion design. At the end, it was illustration that stole her heart which is yet her full-time bustle. Mystic madams in dreamy ambiances surrounded by whimsical creatures are the main theme of the drawings. Parrots are flying, wolves crawling. “I have a big respect for animals. It’s amazing how much we can learn from their courage and devotion. No matter what we do, we should do it with all our strengths.”

    As Andrea Hrnjak explains herself, she obviously only recently felt in love with colors. Previous black-and-white works are followed by romantic tinted ones. Lilac and  mint are ubiquitous. “Black-and-white is so pure and powerful. Some feelings just come across better in it. Lately I started to fall in love with colors.”

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