Andrys Villarreal


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Restauradora

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Was born in Maracaibo, Zulia State on September 26, 1976. It is titled as a degree in fine arts at the Universidad Cecilio Acosta, in Maracaibo for later study at this same house where possible to obtain the title of Lcda. in education. mention: Arts, in 2000 studied in restoration of works of art, with the renowned Restorer graduated from the University of Florence (Università degli Studi di Firenze, UNIFI) Mgs. Daniel Paz, from here is recognized his work on restoration and conservation of works of art and currently carried out important works to different collectors of the country merging in this way their passions, painting, drawing and restoration. The work of this artist is the conjugation of the drawing and painting, dynamic parts of great compositional sense. The monochrome of the color with a simple elegant scheme developed with a single color in their different intensities and tones, does not prevent a rich work with suggestive glaze obtained by a successful juxtaposition of colour tones. All of this supported by a sustained experimental practice and a constant reflection on where and how of their artistic work. It could be said, then, that his proposal emphasizes, on the one hand, an artist more determined and experienced with the suggestions of the matter and, on the other hand, the consolidation of a lush and comfortable language of dynamism; a sort of renewed language emerged from the reinterpretation of their own ways of making art. Aspects, therefore that hybridize unquestionably the characteristic aesthetics: stain, glazing, transparencies, pasta, and a loose drawing, a capricious and spontaneous, outline which gives air of autonomy and reinvention to its particular form.