Angélica del Rocío Flores


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Digital artist
    • Designer
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    Born May 02, 1985. Angelica of the Rocio Flores was linked to the art from very early age. When was 5 years of age, came to study ballet classic in the Museum of art of Lima. Their inclinations for the art it led to other branches. It is so decided to study graphic arts and advertising at the University of art Orval address, here is where technology and art merge and begins a path in the world of advertising. 5 years after graduation, decided to give life to one of their cherished dreams, creates his own brand of art "Handmade Tilde".

    in the 2016 arrived them exhibitions, that you open the road to it internationalization. taking as first window, it Gallery etching in Mexico DF with the exhibition collective "30 painters Peruvian". Followed by the exhibition at the "Salon of Peruvian painting" in the Latino Art Museum of California

    has stood out for use as a means of inspiration the naive style, creating playful characters to express the emotions of human beings. Treatment of his brushstrokes, the color palette and the dimensions of his characters heads, allow us to easily identify their works.

    Currently, his work "And I felt ver y alone" belongs to the permanente collection of the Latino Art Museum.


    "30 painters Peruvian"-etching Gallery (Mexico DF)-April 2016

    "Salon of painting Peruvian"-Latin Art Museum (California)-September 2016