ania luk


    • Female
    • Painter


    Zatista located in Pennsylvania.

    About the artist

    I am an art lover, graduated at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and as Michelangelo once said at the age of 87 :”I am still learning”. After graduating, I had been painting for pleasure and on demand for a few years, and then I had to take a long break. But creating was something that I missed all this time. Now I sketch and draw on paper and paint on canvas, using mainly acrylic paints. I find a great pleasure in painting people, who are my biggest inspire. Characters are often situated in the abstract, non-defined space, because I have an interest in highlighting the beauty of the human body. I prefer soft colors and rarely use very vibrant ones. There are many artists, who I look up to, but my favorites are Modigliani and Klimt and from Polish artist - Nowosielski and Wroblewski.


    My motto: "Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent , but must develop it." Pope Saint John Paul II"

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