Anke Blaue


    • Female
    • Painter


    Galería Marita Segovia, Madrid.
    Pigment Gallery, Barcelona.
    ABAart Project, Mallorca.
    Le Salon, Kiel, Alemania

    About the artist

    Anke Blaue. Born in Schleswig, Germany, January 5, 1967 Werkkunstschule, Flensburg, Germany. 1984-85 Academy of Fine arts, Carrara, Italy. 1985-88 Studies with Philip Pavia (Abstract Expressionism N.Y.) Pietrasanta, Italy 1985-88 Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf. 1989-1991 Studies with Bruno Fonseca (School of Universal Constructivism by Torres-García) in Barcelona. 1991-1994 Lives and works in Barcelona and New York. 1995-2006 Since 2006 she lives and works in Germany.

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