Anna Deva


    • Female
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Anna Deva studied at Moscow University fashion industry as an artist-designer, where the main subject was classical academic drawing and painting, trained at art school in Paris.
    Participant of exhibitions of artists in Barcelona.
    The first personality exhibition took place in Barcelona in the gallery Rosa Blanca in 2013
    Anna’s paitings there are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain.
    Anna Deva live in Barcelona. In Anna Deva’s art-studio in Barcelona is always a lot of pictures.
    Also Anna paint portraits and paintings to order.
    Anna creates in his works a special atmosphere of kindness and joy. we penetrate through color, plot, characters genre paintings.

    Landscape of Anna is always very good choice for living room, because it looks like your house is full of atmosphere of light and heat - these trees, mountains and sea… you can feel smells of seaside, water and the forest

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