anuska p castañer


    • Female

    About the artist

    Spanish photographer who lives in Teruel


                            VOCATIONAL TRAINING




    1. Course of University orientation, COU. "Salle la" of Teruel.


    2. -Prof. of EGB, specialty of preschool 1988.


    3.-initiation course sports (40 hours), E.U.P. of EGB Teruel.


    4.-course of MS-Word


    .5-course of MS database text - processor File "Project Hippes" E.U.P. of Teruel


    .6.-course on "handling in the media, how to defend itself and application in school" (40 hours), University at distance of the Uned of Teruel.


    7.-course on psychomotor skills in the classroom (30 hours) E.U.P. of Teruel.


    8.-collaborator - "rapporteur at the International Conference on child psychology, medicine education and pedagogy Therapeutics, in Barcelona.


    9-certificate on the Braille method and machine Perkins for blind people, eleven of Teruel.


    10.-certificate on "Introduction to psychomotor", 100 hours, in the Teruel.


    11.-Diploma E.U.P. Introduction to Marketing (IFES - Teruel), 1987.


    12-introduzione to the market research (IFES - Teruel) Diploma, 1987.


    13 Diploma of sales and Psychology (IFES - Teruel), 1987.


    14-course of English Center of los Hnos. Paules of Teruel. Rating: Sobresaliente.


    15-course and diploma of English from the College of The Holy Child Jesus in ST leonards on - sea Hasting (England).


    16 Awarded at the 26TH national contest of poetry "Lovers of Teruel" with the poem "Timeless love".


    17-Diploma of honour at the youth contest of artistic initiation in Sevilla.


    18.-working collaboration in the Prix Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente "How to save our forests", 1982.


    19.-Special mention in the floral games XIV of the th city of Rota, 1985 Ilm (motto dawns of paper).


    20-speech therapist coursetaught by the Inem, of 400 hours, in the center of f. occupational Teruel.


    21-Diploma of the days of early childhood education, organized by FEDEI - yields and the ICEI of Pamplona.


    22.-participation in the V Symposium International of Mudejar de Teruel, 1990.


    23.-participation in the "Environment to Luis Buñuel" days held in Teruel.


    24-course of adaptation to the new Plan of accounting of the Chamber of Commerce of Teruel.


    25.-course on the initiatives of the European Community in favour of small and medium enterprises, Chamber of Commerce of Teruel.


    26.-course on business decisions its impact on fiscal matters, of the Cai of Teruel.


    27.-participation in the days around Luis Buñuel, under the title "Return of the living far away", 1991.


    28 Course and diploma of English of the St. Paul´s College, Dublin, Irlanda.


    29.-course taught by the Inem, of 252 hours of advertising graphic design, in the center of f. occupational of Teruel, 1994.


    30.-course taught by the Inem, of 300 hours of design aided by computer, V.11, MS - Dos Windows 3.


    31-Autocad course Binder, recorder Gilder of the Conselleria de Traball and Afer Socials, 300 hours in Valencia date 23/5/95.


    32.-course taught by the Inem, of 300 hours, auxiliary Adminitrativo, in the center of f. occupational of Teruel, 1995.


    33.-course taught by the Inem, of 250 hours, Binder, in the center of f. occupational of Teruel, 1995


    34.-course taught by the Television Local of Teruel, TLT, of 100 horas.


    35 local TV technician-course design and Maquetación PeriódisticaOrganized by the Association of press of Zaragoza, Aragon, on February 12, 1996, within the Plan of formation of the Diputación Provincial General of aragon.


    36.-course of Marketing telephone, the Chamber of Commerce of Teruel, of 40 hours, 1996.


    37 English course commercial, of the Chamber of Commerce of Teruel, 80 hours, 1996.


    38.-commercial management course, taught by the Confederation of entrepreneurs of Zaragoza, 70 hours, in Zaragoza, 1996.


    39.-course taught by the Inem, of 240 hours of ornamentation and Policromado, in the center of f. occupational of Teruel, 1997.


    40.-Curso de gestión Comercial: Merchandising and window dressing, 50 hours, the Chamber of Commerce of Teruel, 1997.


    41.-Carnet of manipulator of the D. g. A.


    42.-course of the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Teruel, on "new technologies in SMEs management, horas.


    43 30.-course taught by the Teruel Business Confederation of trade horas.


    44 60.-multimedia course secretariats, framed within the III agreement Tripardito continuous and training organized by the Confederation of small and medium-sized company from Aragon, of 100 hours", in Zaragoza 2001.


    45.-course of "emergency prevention, equipment fires and evacuate from the service of prevention of labour risks for the Department of education culture and sport, held in the library of Teruel with a duration of 10 hours, in Zaragoza 2007.


    46.-introductory course in Informatics for 40 hours, theoretical and practical of the promoter Reviter, SLU, Municipal society of Excmo Ayuntamiento de Teruel"2009.


    47 Course Adobe Photoshop for 40 hours, teoricas-practica the Reviter promoter, SLU, Municipal society of the Excmo Ayuntamiento of Teruel, 2009.


    48.-continuous training the Federation Services and public administrations of CC 2008 course.OO. within the framework of the agreement IV of continuous training for public administrations on October 17, 2005 (November 2005 Boe19) with a length of 200 hours. Madrid September 2008.


    49.-course with a score of apt in the formative action ethics public service (groups C, D, and E) held during the days 06/10/2009 to 12/12/2009 Madrid with a duration of 80 hours, in mode on-line, organized by the Federation of services public of the General Union of workers (Fsp-UGT).


    50-course with suitable qualification in the formative action sustainable developmentSOCIETY and Administration held during day 6/09/2010 to 19/10/2010 Madrid with a length of 100 hours, in mode on-line, organized by the Federation of public services of the General Union of workers (UGT-Esp).


    51.-Adobe PhotoShop course of 40 hours, the promoter teoricas-practicas Reviter, SLU, Municipal society of the excmo. Town Hall of Teruel, 2009.


    52.-course with suitable qualification in training action activities human and PROBLEMATIC environmental Madrid with a duration of 120 hours, in mode online, organized by the Federation of public services of the General Union of workers (Esp-UGT) 2011.








    1 Collaborating with the local radio station "Antena 3", in a youth program Saturdays at 11 a.m., in Teruel, 1985, during 3 months.


    2-collaborating with the radio station "Antena 3" of Pamplona in 1989.


    3.-collaborator during six months in the chain - be Teruel, Radio aragon


    4-part-time work in the real estate "Psicoter" of Teruel.


    5-administrative dated 1 June 1991 to 29 June 1993 as eventual Senate staff, (Upper house), attached to the Secretariat second the table of the Senate, in Madrid.


    6-course taught bind in the Asociación Cultural Las ramparts, during the months of March and April in 1996.


    7.-course taught manuals in the Las walls Cultural Association, during the months of March, April and may of 1998,


    8.-working in the real estate Psicoter of Teruel for 4 months, as a clerk in 1999.


    9.-work in Correos in mailroom, in Teruel with dates 29/11/99 to the taught course bind 7/12/99.


    10.-(initiation), in the residence of elderly, Yagüe de Salas, of the D.G.A., in Teruel, of 50 hours, subsidized by the La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona, 1999.


    11.-taught course bind (initiation), in the residence of elderlyYagüe's rooms, D.G.A., in Teruel, in 30 hours, subsidized by the La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona, 2000.


    12.-work in Correos in mailroom, in Teruel with dates of 17/7/00 to 15/8/00.


    13 Work in Correos in mailroom, in Teruel with dates of 16/8/00 to 14/9/00.


    14.-working in the Provincial Museum of Teruel, as Assistant of services internally with dates 4/10/00 to 3/12/00.


    15.-work in Correos in mailroom, in Teruel with dates of 1/8/01 to 31/8/01.


    16.-working in the Provincial Museum of Teruel, as Assistant of services internally with dates 23/6/01 to 30/9/01.


    17.-work in Correos in mailroom, in Teruel with dates of 12/09/01 to the 14 /09/01.


    18.-work in company Manjusa ten S. L. Natural jams without preservatives or dyes of administrative, for three years and a half.


    19.-Work like Administrative officer in the Public Library of Teruel dependent on the Provincial Service of Culture and Tourism, of the General Deputation of Aragon from 11/02/02 until March 1, 2013








    Author of the book: The traces of the past (compilation of unpublished photos about Valbona, Teruel).Subsidized for the Gúdar-Javalambre region and the municipality of Valbona.


    Author of the book: Teruel history and art (collection of unpublished photos about Teruel Capital, some towns, public institutions of Teruel and some fictional. Funded by the region of Teruel and the excmo. City of Teruel.


    Author of the book: the color of anger (collection of previously unpublished photographs of the Civil war in Teruel.) Subsidized by the excmo. Town Hall of Santa Eulalia del Campo (Teruel).
















                            OTHER ACTIVITIES




    * Organizer of the first canine competition held in the city of Teruel, with date and Teruel with the Sociedad Canina de Aragón 5/07/1992 T-shirt designs, for the celebrations of the Angel, Teruel, and Cella (Teruel)


    1.-photographic exhibition "see Teruel", performed at the Café Hermes, in Teruel, on December 20 to January 16, 2005.


    2.-photographic exhibition "Contrasts" made in "The sin of Eve", in Teruel, dated from March 17 to April 28 for the 2006.


    3-photos courtesy for the Tours "topacio" travel agency in the street San Juan Teruel


    .4-exposure photographic in Albarracín in the Mill of the cat, from 1 to 15 August of 2006.


    5.-exhibition at Ginza Towa Gallery Tokyo Japan 2007


    .6.-photographic exhibition in Altea la Vella (Alicante) in Ca Toni Restaurante, from April 1 to May 7, 2007.


    7.-photos exhibited in the travel agency CRUZ del SUR, in Teruel Plza. The Ayuntamiento.


    8-week Cultural in the Casa de Andalucía in Teruel. May 2007.


    9.-Xe Nuit des Lutins, Théâtre National de Chaillot Tocadero - Paris 11 Juin 2006. Special art exhibition on the occasion of "La nuit des Luins". Les Lutins du Court-Metrage.


    10.-sale of photos in Climax-decoration C / Luis bolinches Compan s/n of Valencia.


    11.-exhibition of paintings at the Coffee Bar Theatre "The passion" of Valencia, from September 5 to November 20 of 2007.


    12.-participation in the exhibition of photos "People and lands of Teruel", organized by the Teruel photographic Association, from the 7th to the 21st of September 2007.


    13.-Gallery O OEdition 11th fair of Shanghai Art Fair 2007, from 14 to 19, noviembre.


    14.-participation in the exhibition organized by the International Academy of modern art in Rome, in the La House of culture Jaume Pastor Fluixà of Callosa d' Sarrià from November 29 to December 14, 2007.


    15 Exhibition at the Gallery O O in Valencia from December 14 to January 14, the 2008.


    16-exhibition at Ginza Towa Gallery Tokyo Japan 2008


    17.-fair international Artexpo New York USA Art Comunications.


    18-Exhibition Gallery O O in Valencia Tsai-Mo Toten International Art Exhibition, from 18 to 30 January of the 2008.


    19.-Management Cultural O O exhibition at the Jia Art Gallery of Taiwan from 1 to March 29 the 2008.


    20.-photographic exhibition in Altea the Vella (Alicante) in Ca Toni Restaurante, from March 8 to April 14 2008.


    21.-participation in the Web page of the public library of Teruel (Infantil-Juvenil) and the Web architecture and libraries (Teruel) ceding fotos.


    22.-exhibition at the Gallery Tartaglia Art view Centro d'Arte e Comunicazione In colaborazione with the O O Gallery of Valencia on cardboard (Italy) of the 5 of to May 16 of the 2008.


    23.-exhibition at Ibercaja Teruel from 26 to 16 of June 2008. Acquisition of an obra.


    24.-participation in the exhibition of the society photographic Teruel "Waters, rivers and streams". In the House of the Aljibe (Calle Muñoz Degrain of Teruel, building Caritas) 4/06/08 to 3/06/2008.


     25 Exhibition and sale of photos in Oamoda c / Luis Bolinches Company 7 in Valencia


    26 Exhibition and sale of photos on A Luis Bolinches Company 8 Valencia.


    27.-Management Cultural O O exhibition of the street c / Fair Art Salon 2008 Beijing (Peking) from September 29 to 4 of Octubre.


    28.-publication of a photo in the "Ten House" magazine for the month of Ocutubre of the 2008.


    29.-exhibition in the Balnearioa of Chulilla (Valencia) from October 28 to December 28, the 2008.


    30-exhibition at the Casa de Cultura "El Auditori El Campello" (Alicante) from February 18 to March 7 the 2009.


    31-exhibition in the Gallery Jadete Galleries in New York from 5 to 30 May of 2009.


    32. Collective Exposition in the Gallery of Art San Vicente of SAN VICENTE del RASPEIG (Alicante) from 8 to 21 May of 2009.


    33.-participation in the "Places of water" exhibition organized by the Association of Fotgrafos of Teruel and sponsored by the Department of tourism of the excmo. Town Hall of Teruel, in the wells of Teruel from March 31 to 8 of abril.


    34. Publication of a photo in the newspaper 20 minutes from Valencia, on January 13, the 2009.


    35. publication of a photo in the newspaper 20 minutes of Barcelona, on January 13, the 2009.


    36. Photo award in the photo contest of the Mia magazine, nº 1186 corresponding to the week from 1 to 7 June in the 2009.


    37. Photo award in the photo contest of the Mia magazine No. 1189 corresponding to the week of 22 to June 28, the 2009.


    38. Exhibition at the Balneario de Chulilla (Valencia), from July 26 to September 1 of the 2009.


    39. Photo award in the photo contest of the Mia magazine No. 1205 corresponding to the week from 12 to 18 October 2009.


    40 Selected in the VI BIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE ARTE SIART BOLIVIA 2009. One of the 5 people selected to represent Spain. Works donated to the Museum of Siart.


    41. Exhibition at Museo Storico della Fanteria (Rome), from November 20 to December 4, the 2009


    42. Participation in the story "The wonderful adventures of Maki and Mika" of Luciana Torres with designs (illustrations) on the one page three chapters and chapter three page 8. Art Ecoloquia. Argentina. 2009.


    43-Selected to participate I Love Fitting Room of 6 March in Madrid 2009, one of the 36 artists. In the Hotel Petit Palace Art Gellery.


    44. Exhibition of photos in the Gallery O O in Valencia, from 19/02/2010 to the 19/03/2010.


    45. Selected to represent Spain in the photography biennial and art Digital 2010 San Francisco de el Monte de Oro - San Luis (Argentina). 46. Photo selected in PHE10 for the XIII International Festival of photography and Visual Arts in Madrid on June 9 to July 25, the 2010.


    47. photo selected in KLEIN 50 JUMPS art project email Santa Lucia 2010. Uruguay.


    48. participation in the forty-third Hall of autumn photography - V biennial international of the Agrupación fotográfica Valencian AGFOVAL. In Valencia April 8 2010.


    49. Photography exhibition in the Matisse Hall of Valencia from 8 to 28 September of 2010.


    50 Photo selected to participate in the exhibition of "THE CULTURAL CENTER ZÁMEK IN WROCLAW (Poland), on 16 October 2010.


    51. Photography selected to participate in the exhibition of international art organized by the postgraduate in combined artistic languages (IUNA) mail, and sample convened by Clemente Padín, Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 22 to 29 October in the 2010.


    52. Photo selected to participate in Cafes Around The World Art Project Grenville Road Islngton London, United Kingdom, November 2, the 2010.


    53. Photo selected in Mail art 2010 as care my planet daily, display on the MAC (Museum of Canadian artists) from 19 to 21 November in celebration of clean air day. Rose Gravino project. Argentina.


    54. photo selected by the Foundation "Plural" Mail Art 2010 my place in the world, with exhibition in San Fernando Pcia de Buenos Aires and elsewhere still by determinar.


    55. Photo selected in the call Mail Art a world of letters, the life around books for the exhibition of 01/12/2010 to 31/2010 in the bookstore "Aira das letras" Allariz (Ourense Spain).


    56. Photo selected in the Mail Art ColorMii call for the exhibition in The Museum of Instant Images Cat. Nr. 1674 NL (Netherlands) December 2010.Foto selected in Mail Art 2011 Message in a Bottle exposed in Stanberg Germany


    57 Photos courtesy for the realization of a calendar 2011 for Dimension Teruel.


    58 Print print. Selected photo to participate in the project Art-core international Mail Art Project, with a first exhibition in March 2011 Donuts creators performed at the Civic Centre in Barcelona, and in future exhibitions of the Art-Esencia.


    59 women's collective. Selected photo to participate in the The Association of Arts and Culture of Mailhat in France, on the tree, with exhibition from March 19, 2011 at Mailhat.


    60. Selected photo in the Mail Art 4 Senses call organized by Nonprofit of Disabled people of Samara region "The Center of Social initiatives" with the exhibition organization andpublic in places of Togliatti 1 st March 2011 city, and other Russian citties.


    61. Photograph selected for the project "Landscape" whose work is projected in various facets such as painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, conducted by Eliso Silva, in Caracas, Venezuela, February 2011.


    62. Selected photo to participate in the Exhibition from 12 April 2011 though April 17 2011 at Polyphemus, La Fabbrica of Vapore, Milan Italy. The Fabbrica of Vapore, to central especially devote to the Routh's cultural production and belonging to The Millan City Council, is house to several associations promoting many Actividades aimade en young people. The 50 degrees Salone Internazionale del Mobile involves the city of Milan, providing an opportunity and on culture.


    63 Photo selected to participate in the call Inadi, through the Department of art, performs a sample and the edition of a catalogue, until February 2011 to be in the Gallery, and the Provincial Museum of fine arts Dr. Pedro e. Martinez of the Panama City, province of Entre Ríos, Republic Argentina 2010.


    64. Selected photo to participate in the exhibition PURA expression the expression of feelings and emotions of an author is more than the representation of the objective reality in the most complete way, without worry of Outer reality but its inner nature and the emotions aroused in the observer. exposed in an art gallery of the city of Toluca, Mexico. February 2011. Exhibition on May 19 at the University Cultural Centre "Casa de las proceedings", Av. Benito C.d Nte.  No. 114 Esq, Av.Independencia Col. Centro C.P.50000, Toluca, Mexico, organized by Juan Valdes.


    65. Selected photos to expose at Textile Mail Art Project Lisa Iversen/Skybridg Studios in Manchester, USA 2011.


    66. Selected photo to the 1st biennial international of QUITO, ECUADOR, contemporary artistic photography 2011. Unique Spanish participante.


    67. Photo selected for "Culture and Language Connections" (LCBC) exhibition organizing an Art Exhibition and Publication. Proceeds will be donated to the publication M.I.S.S. Foundation - Montreal canada.


    68. Selected photo in the International Mail Art Project 2011, Chisinau, Moldova, with the theme The Patha of Love Deadine, on 20 April, with Exhibicions in 2011, Chisinau, Moldova.


    69. 70 Photos selected by the Gallery 4Gatos of Argentina for the exhibition from May 14, 2011. Organized by the the Bocquel, N.I. Martinez and Zanardini.


    70 Photo selected for the project ART essence (Spain) and ninth collective metaphor (Colombia) join forces to open the third international call for Mail Art on the Mujer.TEMA: women's things. With exposure on fair of VANITIES and things of women that will be held at the Museum of art of the University of MAGDALENA in the city of Santa Marta-COLOMBIA, to be inaugurated on July 7 of 2011.ademas works will be exhibited in galleries online project Art-core and ninth Metaforagalerias on line.


    71. Exhibition of photographs at the Balneario de Chulilla from 10 May to 11 June 2011.


    72. Reportage in the first catalog artists without borders released in virtual form (PDF) of with the co-participation of manages Associació Pert I´Art.


    73. Photo selected for Mail Attack (similarly) ?????? |121. 48 ° E????mailattack ???2011. 7. 24 10 am - 6 pm ????????????? - TBWA S Shanghai - China.


    74 ????71?9?. Selected to participate in the exhibition in the Centro Cultural alpharrabio, photo "Os libvros" San Pablo SP. Brazil July 29 2011.


    75. Photo selected by The group of young artists of Mordovia (Moscow) "HUDSOVET to participate in the project mail-art project"Time. " September 2011.


    76. Photo Select to participate in the exhibition of Jorge Valdés with the subject "perfume" on the scarab summons to artists and Mail artists of the world to participate and join the beetle, town Mexico collection. September 2011.


    77 Photo selected for the 10th 2012 slit slit 2012 photographic Libro-Agenda, "By which the true death is oblivion", photo contest "sueno".


    78. Photos selected by the Municipal Museum of Visual Arts, the city of Concordia (Argentina), for the II room "bicentenario" 2011 edition of photography, which aims to assess and disseminate the production of artists contemporaneos.


    79. Photo selected by Le groupe de jeunes artistes of Mordovia "HUDSOVET" (Russia) vous invite to participate to a projet d'art Postaltheme: Temps / Time. Libre.Les oeuvres seront conservées. Exposition: septembre 2011


    81. Photo selected for the exposição coletiva art POSTAL - OS LIVROS, all serao muito bem-vindos not Centro Cultural e Livraria Alpharrabio em Santo André / SP at the Cultural Center and Bookstore Alpharrabio in Santo André / SP / Brazil - 17 September 2011.


    82.-photo selected by art tour MOVING. AGM, IV international meeting of contemporary art whose period of celebration will be from September 2011 to March 2012, sponsored by Ministry of culture and whose collaborators Instituto de Estudios Almerienses and art school of almeria.


    83.-selected photos to participate in 1st Fotofest latitude 0 ° Quito international 2011.


    84 Selected photo to the 8th biennial SICAFI, 8th SALON SICAFI, Centro Argentino photographic Buenos Aires. Argentina, 2011.


    85 - exhibition organized by El Instituto Chileno American culture of Valparaiso on the occasion of the exhibition "mail art, positive messages, which will be held in"Lucrecia Acuña"Gallery, located in Valparaiso of the Institute, Esmeralda 1069 Street headquarters, Valparaiso, 2012.


    86.-exhibition organized by the MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS in Doral, Florida January 13 to February 4, 2012.


    87.-photos courtesy for the realization of a 2012 calendar for print Dimension Print of Teruel.


    88.-photo for the Gallery exhibition of" THE MACH..C.c.Jose e. RODO. (December 2011 - February 2012) Uruguay. Sole Spanish representative.


    89 Photo selected for WOMEN completo RIGHTS WR4 International Group Art Exhibition, is the 4th show that the Women in Art is is a group of international artists that make up the collective of artists for the rights of women, who want to communicate about these rights in general and in the art world, in particular. Things for women in the 21st century, and everything of social importance on women; to say no to domestic violence and not to all sorts of symbolic violence, to say no to any kind of discrimination.To raise our voices through art and transmit our message in a universal way. Because we are simply human beings who want to live in the exercise of their rights. It is very interesting that this collective is not composed only by women, but it also many artists of male gender have joined lately and in unison accompany this cry of freedom and women's rights.With the sponsorship of the Ministry of culture of Uruguay, through cultural addresses in Florida, Mr. Alvaro Riva, with the director of the Hall of art Mr. Ricardo Soba, and cannelloni with Rodolfo Torres curatorial assistance; on the basis of the curator of Noemi Silvera (creator of the Women in Art show).  2012 Urugay. .. One of the two Spanish participating.


    91 - Selected to participate 3rd International artist bookmarks display in commemoration of the international day of the book and copyright law, established on 23 April, the date on which, ends the year in which the city of Buenos Aires was designated by the UNESCO Capital world of the book 2011 with three POINTERS, with exposure from April 23 to May 23, 2012The Rioja 2127. (CP 1244) Technological district. City of Buenos Aires. Argentina. The project artist bookmarks, declared interest by the Ministry of culture of the city of Buenos Aires, proposes an encounter between art and the Literatura.


    92. -Selected photo to participate in Salon-concurso of small format galeria_paz with exhibition from May 17 to June 17. Valencia 2012.


    93.-picture selected for the international phenomenon of "small" art of the center of contemporary art in Rochester (RoCo). July. New York. 2012


    Author of the book: "From yesterday to today" history of Medicine (collection of ancient medicines, medical instruments, documentation etc.), subsidised by the College of physicians of Malaga, University of Málaga and the excmo. City of Teruel.


    94 Photos selected for the photographic exhibition. TOC Toc organized by Dorlores Schoch and j. l. Crespo Fajardo. Accompanied by the international sample collective Doors Global Mail Art project. The school of Hispanic American studies Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC of Seville April - mayo 2012.


    95. -Picture selected for the VIII biennial international art Suba 2012, organized by the greater mayorship of Bogotá and La Corporación movement artistic Cultural Indígena MACI, director Manolo Colmenero. Bogotá (Colombia) 2012.


    96.-selected photo to participate with the Collaboratory art group opens a new call to exhibit art works mail. We are a centre without walls, a meeting point open to researchers, scholars, students and public in general interested in shaping a learning space in network, flexible and participatory around the themes of art, space and movement. It arises from the fusion of the words "collaborate" and "laboratory" posing as a tool in order to take advantage of interactive technologies to generate and share knowledge without geographical and temporal restrictions; Since the possibility of giving or receiving data, information and knowledge is permanent at any time and from anywhere that there is a connection to the network. provides two exhibition spaces: online and physical. All the received works will be part of an installation that will be exposed in the streets of the city of Gravina in Puglia on the occasion of the feast of Saint Michael, patron of the city. Place: Streets of the city of Gravina in Puglia - Italy. Opening: 28 September 2012 physical exhibition period: from 28 to 30 September 2012.


    97. Presentation of the book of yesterday to today history of medicine in the Balneario de Chulilla (Valencia) and photo exhibition. 31 in September 2012.


    98 Photos selected for participation by the National Association of students and researchers Siglo XXI (21st century ANEI) to participate in the III exhibition of scientific photography entitled: "Images UNIMAGINABLE: the border of the reality" organized by D. Sergi Soriano Úbeda and D. Ernesto Caballero Garrido coordinators of the contest and the exhibition. 2012 Exhibitions at the Miguel Hernández University (from October to November) in their buildings "Gaul and Altabix", also will be in the 12th week of science to Madrid, with the collaboration of the Autonomous University of Madrid and the ANEI 21st century shall expose at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid on 14 and 15 November, in the context of the "21st century Mendel" day to organizamos.


    99. Photo for the electronic call 2012 Visual Poetry against gender violence, published in and exhibition at the school of art "Gaspar Becerra Baeza (Jaén)." November 2012.


    100 Photo award in the photo contest of the Mia magazine No. 1343 corresponding to the week of 18 to June 23 of the 2012.


    101. Photo for the INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART: AIXÒ is a CIRC: with display: 22 November 2012 - 19. 30 h. Centre Civic Barcelona.


    102. Photos selected for the exhibition of the 2nd contest "Your vision of science", organised by the Uned Center of Barbastro, December 2013. (Photos of Medicine).


    103. Photo rewarded in the photographic contest of My Magazine n º 1368 corresponding to the week from December 10 to December 16, 2012.


    104. Selected in the Triennial European of contemporary Print 2013 with three photographies


    105. Photos yielded for the accomplishment of a calendar 2012 for the press Dimension Print of Teruel.


     Permanent work in: the Gallery O O in Valencia


    106.- Selected to participate in TetraPak™ Call convocatória de arte postal sua arte em nosso teto  forro sustentable em exposiçäo permanente Brasil  2013 . .- Participación en TetraPak™ Call convocatória de arte postal sua arte em nosso teto  forro sustentable em exposiçäo permanente Brasil  2013 .


    107.- Photography for Mail Art Call from Uruguay participate in the Project "Montevideo mail Art Station for the liberation of Colombian poet Angye Gaona." This proyject for Angye Gaona. Clemente Padin march 2013


    108. Photo selected in E-mail art 2013 Summons " The flight " Are the dream of the man for rising, of this land, with weak useless devices, flying machines heavier, or more frivolous than the air. He is Leonardo inventing, arranging terrestrial objects to conquer the winds. Proyeccto Luis Morado Pedernera 360 "5 (1406 CABA Argentina, October, 2013.




    OBRA on:


    -Art Center University Taiwan


    .-biennial of Bolivia


    - Ibercaja Teruel


    -CAI Teruel


    -Balneario of Chulilla (Valencia)


    -biennial of Quito - Mexico-bogota


    - Municipal Museum of Arts Visual Concordia (Argentina)


    .-Cultural Akelarte (Quito Ecuador)


    -          Gallery of Mach..C.c.Jose e. RODÓ


    -          • Colecciones private in Madrid, Valencia, Salamanca, Teruel, Shanghai, New York, Italia


    -          participacion in fairs - ART FAIR SHANGHAI from 14 to 19 of November. 2007-fair art XI. Shanghai. China - Fair Artexpo New York E.E.U.U. with Ceart Comunication 2006.-fair BEIJING FAIR ART SALON 2008-ART FAIR SHANGAHI September 2011Obra donated to the NGO Zerca and away from Madrid.




    -          Paginas websites:. photography Anuska. Anuska. Meseon Anuska permanent Obra at Galeria San Vicente de Raspeig (Alicante)


    -          .PHOTOS courtesy for books:-Juan García "The Tenor of the Kings" of Juan Villalba Sebastian.


    -          .major sieges in the history of Spain's Ruben Saez.


    -          -Photo for the journal of Teruel on the occasion of the renewal of the account holder.