Ariane Cole


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter
    • Drawer
    • Mixed media

    About the artist

    Ariane Cole is an artist, a university professor and researcher at the Design course at the University Mackenzie. PhD in Design, teacher, and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo, where ever presented final work related to art.

    Began her studies at the Art School Brazil: in 1971 with Carlos Fajardo, Luiz Paulo Baravelli, José Resende and Frederico Nasser. Organizes next to Arthur Cole in the 80s Freehand course with the participation of Dudi Maia Rosa, José Carlos Ferreira (Ox), Guto Lacaz, Gabriel Borba among others. Sought and adopted guidelines Evandro Carlos Jardim since 1984, on which he directed a documentary entitled: Evandro Carlos Jardim. In Time Margins. Program participant Vitamin Painting 2014 Workshop Collective 2E1, coordinated by Ana Prata. Currently developing series of paintings turns to synthesis, in its conceptual aspects, formal and chromatic.

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