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    • Street art

    About the artist

    Aryz was born in Palo Alto (California) but from the age of 3, grew up in the suburbs of Barcelona. At a young age he showed interest in the graffiti scene and quickly joined up with a local crew, mostly painting characters between his partners’ letters, but due to a finger injury he began to combine the spray can with brushes. This move kind of ended his relationship with the other writers, but it also led him to try more ambitious pieces and to create more characters, since he still finds his lettering to be mediocre.

    Nowadays the Spanish muralist is known for his gigantic paintings, preferably placed in abandoned factories so he can “paint without being disturbed or disturbing others”. On these large surfaces he captures a personal universe of melancholic, obscure and reflexive characters or grotesque skeletons and wild strange creatures loaded with organic shapes and a touch of surrealism with a characteristic color scheme.

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