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    In Badri's work you can perceive a deep balance between the purest expresionism and subtlety of classical forms. The Renaissance profile from a woman's face or the representation of a still life, coexists with an energetic and impulsive stroke that pervades all in his creation. They are experimental and unique pieces but always beautiful ones, all of them determined by the author's spontaneity. The visual pleasure is a premise for Badri Lomsianidze. No matter the materials used or the spatial disorder, in the end always prevails harmony works. Although he claims not to pretend anything, any particular concept or idea, what you can appreciate inside every work is his trapped spirit, his culture, his ideals, his family, his faith. The act of creating is like a self-emptying that transforms into a canvas, paper or installation. On the other hand, despite of the "aura" of intimacy that gathers his work, the disturbing world of the artist is open to the viewer's imagination. The audience is carried awa

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