Barbora Maštrlová


    • Female
    • Sculptor
    • Mixed media

    About the artist

    The main area of my work is a classical sculpture. But I like to express myself in other media as well - like objects, photos, instalation etc. More important than the medium itself is an idea. I usually work up some of my personal theme which I try to transform to a more universal level. My work is for me something like 3D album of my own perception. I´m interested in contents, in information reduced to a pure essence. In this essence you as a viewer can find a lot of levels that you could be connected with. And of course a form is important to me. I care about a historical context of different forms and about a language they contain. And I also try to find my own "new" aesthetic formulation.

    I would consider myself as a conceptual sculptor with a sense of humor.

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