Barton Studios Renee Barton


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter

    About the artist

    I work in mixed media, creating abstract paintings composed of common, materials that come from my immediate environment. Any piece I do is essentially a surrender to my own intuitive processes. While I'm driven by a deeply personal aesthetic, I feel my work resonates with viewers and some how expands their sense of beauty. Sometimes even reveals artistic possibilities of which they have been previously unaware.
    I enjoy working with encaustic or wax because of its immediacy and versatility. When I paint with encaustics, I can layer the colors and add (or remove) textures at will, making any modifications "on the fly" which is simply not possible with regular paint. Also, because its so malleable, I can easily combine wax with other materials: sheetrock tape, various types of clay, glass shards, fabric, house paint etc… Encaustics allows for infinite possibilities in real time, which makes it an ideal vehicle for spontaneous expression.
    I use a variety of techniques for expressing my emotional state, which is fundamentally about the contention between order and chaos. Whether depicted through combinations of incongruent materials, or through repetitious patterns and overlapping geometric figures. The basic idea is to show order and chaos sharing the same space, moving/existing in their own contradictory ways.
    Another perspective on these overlapping dimensions in my work is that they signify the tension between individual control, as in self discipline/self knowledge and volition; and utter lack of control over how others respond. This could be a metaphor for the dynamic between artist and her audience, but my first impulse would be to ascribe this to my own profound shyness and the fact that it has been instrumental in my becoming an artist. Every piece I do, through my intuitive approach, represents both and act of will and a surrender of control, yet ultimately it is my own. I determine wether it takes form. How work is perceived, though, is completely out of my control - which I find both thrilling and terrifying.
    A typical response to my work, which I find most rewarding is - where did you get that Idea? I need thought of [ x material] in that way. In some small measure, at least this shows how my work might generally stimulate a viewers imagination and introduce something new to the vocabulary of form.

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