About the artist

    An online gallery featuring the paintings, drawings, illustrations, designs and publications of Ben Adedipe. A longtime professional in both the graphic and fine arts, Ben, a Nigerian, has been highly influenced by the diversity in the cultures of African people. Ben freely experiments with colour to create a sense of depth in his work without being constrained in any way. Recently a more aggressive motion has begun to emerge in his images. Ben currently lives in Ghana, having lived in England and Cyprus for over a decade. He once collaborated with a popular American photographer, Steve Evans, for an exhibition in Cyprus, “My goal' says Ben 'is to communicate with people the joy and pleasure I take in the African creation, specifically, and the creative nature of art in general. I want to inform people about the richness of African culture and show them the vibrancy of its colours. My art comes from my heart and it is a result of the accumulation of memories in Nigeria, Ghana, Cyprus and England over the past three decades.”

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