Benedict Reyna


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Illustrator
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    An unorthodox Contemporary artist , illustrator and photographer based in the Philippines. Founder of Concept entity art studio and been working in the creative industry doing commissions from different local and international clients such as Pioneer insurance, Unilever, Kenpo4kids Australia and more. His life is a pursuit of passion and freedom that it becomes a code he instinctively can’t give up.

    His artworks are mainly inspired by visions or whispers of his intuition and various notions of freedom. Combined with the daily realities, most of his concepts spark an emotion that is expressed on its play of lights and shadows. He works with graphite and acrylic as its main medium though he also do mixed media and digital works. The world for him is the art gallery where opportunities to express is free. He believed that “ Success is not just about the result that happen in the outside, but what you magically experience and felt in the inside.”

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