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    Born in 1966 next to the biggest open coal mine in the world in the west part of Germany. Since he was a child he was always impressed how this coal mine changes the whole life of so many people and their surrounding, the landscape. In this surrounding, when he was only 14 years old he did his first photographs, which were landscapes and industry. Since his youth he is still impressed about the fact how the nature is changing the people, how the people are changing the nature. His work is like this nature, like the digging machines he is changing the nature. He tries to concentrate the viewer on the essential facts, which influence our surrounding, our life and our desires. All his photographs are done with an analog camera. Before printing he adjusts carefully contrast and the light, a special light, which is nearly impossible. So he increases those two extremes, those emotions. Also there are missing people in his pictures, so he will create more space to the viewer in his photograph.

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