• Female
    • Installation
    • Mixed media


    About the artist

    Berta Ares can be explained from a conceptual collage, taught by the masters of the 60's, such as Wiener or Huebler, but her work can cause closeness as well as surprise, getting away from the intentional hyper saturated reality.
    It is only in the intimate places where we can feel overflowed and understand the fullness and the emptiness with its completely intensity. This is how she suggests that art can also recreate these extreme places where impressions, feelings and reflections produced by such objects can reveal this little fullness. The materials used are the first sign of attraction as well as a clue in the dialogue. It's the luck of every material that will make them coexist and transform the work into a whole that prolongs their chance to meet into something new.
    Other tool of her work is the fascination, but stripped of unnecessary sensationalism, and more determined to set up a tension with which each work approaches the viewer. Generous blacks, whites and hiding enmesh keeps that tension, contributing beauty, not by his powerful presence, but with their advocated innocence.


    Galician artist with a wide training supported by grants, workshops and interchanges with other artists such as Modest Cuixart, Mitsuo Miura and the Foundation Luis Seoane’s Criticism Workshop. She has carried out almost 50 exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United States. Her well-catalogued work can be found in various museums and private foundations. She is a part of the group known based in Galician. Leading artists of the group are Menchu Lamas, Ana García Pan and Sara Arambille. Berta Ares has taken part in ARCO. Among her latest exhibitions we could point out the solo one at El Cuarto Simpático (Madrid) and Caixanova Center of Arts, in Galicia.

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