Bertille Bak


    • Female

    About the artist

    Bertille Bak draws her inspiration from the communities alongside which she has lived since her childhood in the coal basin of northern France, Barlin. Her videos—her preferred medium—as well as her drawings, installations, and sculptures are a way of taking at once a close and a distant look at them. Through a fine-grained observation of reality the artist explores the notion of communal identity within destabilized contexts. Questioning the memory of individuals, places, and areas, her artistic practice becomes an instigator of social cohesion, a means of building up networks, of taking a position within a group.

    A grandmother fleeing through the streets of a small town, a nun about to take off, a winged man: movement, displacement, and above all evasion run through all the projects of Bertille Bak, whose characters seem always to waver between resistance and fragility.

    In each of her projects -mini-documentaries made with an utter simplicity of means - the artist introduces the burlesque and the grotesque, leaving the viewer thrown off by the improbable adventures of her actors, whose existence veers from reality to fiction.

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