Bleda y Rosa

    About the artist

    María Bleda (Castellón, 1969) and José María Rosa (Albacete, 1970) have been confirmed as one of the most outstanding references in the Spanish contemporary photography. The main core of their work is the representation of territory, by which they seek to emphasise the complex interweave of cultures and times that shapes it. In this way, they transform the landscape genre into images with a high power of evocation that show their own experience of the places they photograph. Time’s sediment, tracks and memory are the intangible elements that build their works. In their compact and outstanding series such as “Campos de fútbol”, “Campos de batalla”, “Ciudades” and “Origen”, Bleda y Rosa have constructed works that record the latent history inhabiting spaces, a past they explore by activating our imaginary and memory. Their trajectory has become increasingly more complex due to the progressive incorporation in their works of a profound reflection on the construction of photographic space and the relationships between nature and culture. 

    Alberto Martín. Conversactions with photographers.

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