Bogdan Goloyad


    • Male
    • Sculptor
    • Illustrator
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Bogdan Goloyad is an artist of rare talents: a sculptor, painter and graphic artist.
    As a gifted child, he began his training at the National Art School, then later at the
    Ukraine Academy of Arts.
    He is greatly influenced and inspired by European Realism. This artistic style began in
    Italy and quickly spread through France, Holland and other European countries. Reaching
    its peak in the 19th century, it is this period of art that has greatly inspired Bogdan, and
    represents a style to which he strives to achieve.

    His work is greatly celebrated, and includes the Central Crucifixion (wood) at the Catholic
    Cathedral of Saint Alexander (Kostelna Street, Kiev). Other works include the Central
    Iconistasis (Eastern Ceremony) of the Kiev Catholic Church of Saint Nikolay. Additionally,
    he has produced many murals throughout public and private residences in Ukraine. Other
    works including paintings, graphics and sculptures in marble, wood and terracotta are
    held in collections in the United States, Poland, Russia, Austria, France and Greece.

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