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    About the artist

    The Mexican artist lives and works in New York. Bosco Sodi creates art that circulates in the spheres where nature and man merge, creating beauty beneath demise. He has a strong interest in non-artificial organic materials and mixes sawdust, wood pulp, and natural fibers with unadulterated pigments, glue, and water and works with them using his bare hands on horizontally positioned canvases. He views the production process as an exchange with the materials; his paintings are produced through a combination of several days of physical work and organic and unpredictable changes in the material itself. The artist mixes pigments into the material instead of applying them to the surface of his works to give form to the vibrant energy that resides within organic matter and nature. As the material dries out, they crack and create changes in color and texture. The resulting works exude a singular atmosphere and overwhelming presence. His works are influenced by a wide spectrum of artists that include Rothko, Kand

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