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    A self-taught artist from India , presently based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State.
    I started out my creative journey at the age of six, creating faces and figures in pencil/ watercolors. However, life took its own course and art was restricted to a 'hobby' in years that followed. It was only in 2000 that I decided to follow my dreams and picked up my pencil and my brushes again. There has been no turning back, since then.

    To me, Art is a not only a medium of expression, but also of communication. Using my pencil as a tool, I capture numerous known and unknown faces that comes across in my daily life; and try to bring them to life. Every line in a human face talks to me. That is the reason why you will see a lot of portraits in my profile. They look beautiful, weathered and wise - and its a pleasure recreating them on paper.
    Pencil is a beautiful instrument which I always love to hold. While pencil is all about control, detail and precision, creativity is nothing if not spontaneous and expressive. These two are a perfect foil to each other and give me a sense of completeness.
    The journey has just begun, its a long way to go. Its wonderful to have the love and support of people like you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my small world. You may contact me on my e-mail if you wish to buy any of my artworks.

    For more of my CREATIONS... plz. visit my FB page at :