Camaleón enojado - Andrés Novoa -


    • Male
    • Painter


    ATO Club.
    Bogotá - Colombia

    About the artist

    As an artist, I am recognized as the "angry chameleon", able to mimic in a complicated world, and then represent it.

    When I paint, I let the brush find its way, that the color is due to the forms, to the emotions, to the moment. It is to steal the essence of others and translate it without labels, without a dominant color and at the same time with all the colors. My paintings are the result of a disconnection from the world in which we inhabit, burial, fucking, excluding, and it is the connection with that symbolic universe that makes me want to capture people, moments, emotions. Each of my works, disarms once and a thousand times before my eyes, and allows me to unlearn to follow my instincts. So, with a lot of passion, form and color, I am in my world and I share it. I hope that you as a spectator, give life to my works, tell stories, and imagine the background in each one.

    I am a self-taught artist, who explores color and form. I paint on canvas in acrylics and oils. During 2016 I produced about 25 works that depict emotions, sensations and realities as I see them. I have done several exhibitions in Colombia, and I hope to be able to exhibit in other countries soon.