Carla Andrade


    • Female


    About the artist

    Lives and works in Bilbao
    1983: Was born in Vigo, Spain

    Carla Andrade´s work is halfway between documentary, fantasy and experimentation.

    She photographs reality in order to make it into your own reality, but by itself, no tricks, no interventions. She likes to use the "primary imagination", the one that comes involuntarily, magical imagination as an intermediary between thoughts and being.

    She shows a strong interest in the dream world, by accommodating more spontaneous subjectivity, the subconscious, and not being censored by reason. It's about creating images from dreams and dreams from the images. She tries to create magical worlds in which the optical laws have changed. She is also interested in "error", avoiding perfect images. It's about showing the world as it is felt.

    She believes in the transformative aesthetic experience as consciousness, and quoting Herbert Read, "Art has been and still is an essential instrument in the development of human consciousness." Deep desire to improve the immediate present. Individual feelings become universal. In her work there is no experimentation, but experience. Paraphrasing Man Ray "does not seek to expose the problems in the universe", not meant to be science "refers accept the unusual, the unknown, the unexpected, intensifying individual effort." No matter what epistemological and positive, but the irrational, emotional, mutable ... Looking for the "poetic image" understood as a "highlight sudden psyche" (Gaston Bachelard). Poetry as appropriation of reality (Hölderlin).

    She attempts to capture reality and leave it protected forever. To stop the time of consciousness, which is not linear but expands depending on the intensity of the experience, and achieve "full time", which expands in consciousness, as one of the definitions of Bergson's durée. Here the time is eternal, is an image that is born as a souvenir. This melancholy time, as becoming non-stop, is reflected in all her work.


    Pictorial aesthetic to emphasizes the idea of landscape built in with the look. The camera is a brush that paints with light and is the look that creates the landscape. Distance, with the intention of blurring, fleeing the sharpness and detail to approach the primary forms and create a unified whole. The characters are part of the scenery and get lost in it, are merely relative nature over nature.

    Currently she lives and works in Bilbao after receiving a grant from  BilbaoArte.

    Source (Spanish): Carla Andrade´s Website

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