Carlo Salomoni


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    • Illustrator
    • Painter
    • Drawer


    Carlo Salomoni Art - Ferrara -

    About the artist


     Carlo Salomoni is an Italian artist born December 2 1956 in Ferrara, Italy. He is a graduate from the medical faculty with a degree in general surgery, but in 1992 decides to leave the medical activity and becomes a professional artist. Carlo is self-taught in painting.

    Carlo started his artist career producing art objects (small sculptures and decoration of pottery vases), some of them exposed in galleries in Ferrara and Bologna Italy. He also realized replicas of famous painters in different epoch times and styles from the year 600 to 900.

    Latter he exposed his work in Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium together with Galeria Artstudio of Portomaggiore – Faenza-Knokke; with Galeria Il Castello of Adria in collective and individual expositions also art sales in television; with Prestige Art Gallery in Skokie Chicago; in the Internet with Web Gallery Abbassolarte of Edgardo Caraturo. He participated in Bologna Art Fair, Padova and Bari in Italy, in Gent of Belgium and Europ’Art from Geneva in Switzerland.
    His paintings are mentioned in art catalogues and auctions, in national events in Italy and are selected for illustrations in international medicine and surgery conventions, medical and scientific publications, literary text reproductions, poetry, tales and fables.

    Carlo realizes oil paints, mixed techniques and acrylics over fabric, paper, clay, Chinese ink designs, inks, color pencils, graphite over paper. He also realizes paint and decorations for fashion accessories in leather and clothes (shoes, belts and bags).

    His paints have origin in metaphysical and surrealism, in the art fantasy and the magic realism, his paints and illustrations invoke a world of dreams and ambiances where reality and fantasy are melted and collide beautifully. Thanks to his inexhaustible creativity and fantasy, creating cycles of different masterpieces, with the guaranty of originality in every and each of his artistic works.

    Lives in Ferrara Italy, with his wife Angela Teresa Lopez – author of tales, poetry and romances and source of inspiration for Carlo. Carlo Salomoni is a full time professional artist.