Carlos Ayesta


    • Male
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Carlos Ayesta (b. 1985 in Caracas) is a freelance photographer specialising in architecture, and especially on « rope ». He worked with Publicis on an architectural project that lead to a book « 200 000 logement » and achieved in early 2013 his project « vertical vision » for the EPADESA, that captured unusual views of La Défense by abseiling down the sides of skyscrapers.

    Concerning the « artistic side », he became laureate of "SFR jeunes talents" (national artistic contest) for which he exposes in 2012 his personnal vision of the theme “Doisneau Paris Les Halles” in Les Halles of Paris, and Paris City Hall. He co-realized with Guillaume Bression a web documentary and a portfolio about the Nuclear Exclusion Zone in Japan. Their portfolio was published in LIBERATION, a major French newspaper and was exhibed in Circulation(s) European Festival in Paris, and was projected in the Off of Arles, in 2013.

    With his second trip in Japan, again with Guillaume Bression, he realizes the artistic project « Bad dreams » that is going to be exhibited in « Photaumnales » of Beauvais.