Carlos Bernal Iglessias


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Photographer
    • Video artist
    • Arte Cuántico



    desde el 2009

    MUSEO DIOCESANO (PIA ALMOINA) Barcelona ( colectiva)

    GALERIA GLOBAL ART Barcelona ( colectiva)

    MARIZART INTERNATIONAL Hamburgo , Alemania ( colectiva)

    AGORA GALLERY Nueva York ,EEUU (colectiva)

    AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY Nueva York, EEUU (colectiva)

    TALLER D´ARTISTA Sabadell (colectiva)

    GALERIA ART5 Madrid (colectiva)

    About the artist

    The focus of my artwork is the result of a shift in consciousness that I experienced years ago ....

    ..... When I started seeing the world in a whole new way.

    Since then I needed to "work me inside" to heal conflicts.

    I begin to see the signs that It "talk" to me in a deeper level and feel and intuitive union with everything.

    The flow synchronicities in my life in the form of meetings, people, numbers, pictures ... ..

    My photographic works are the "visual document" attesting messages magical reality.