Carlos Escamilla


    • Male
    • Sculptor

    About the artist

    As the majority of the children, enjoyed make dolls with clay, from figures of superheroes to small zoos.

    In adolescence, as a student of Bachelor and thanks to the master painter Jorge Albarrán, met the artists Javier and Jorge Marín, supporting them briefly, supporting Javier in the preparation of the mud used in classes taught, and supporting Jorge in what was necessary for his lithographs, in their respective workshops, in Mexico City.

    Constant that need creative and pursuing a degree of computer engineering in the Faculty of engineering at UNAM, when permitted by the tasks of the career, carving on wood was a very good way of relaxation , distraction and creation, this form being self-taught.

    In recent years already in a more formal way, approached the sculpture and modeling through the workshop of the master sculptor Gustavo Salmones, which struck him take classes of ceramic sculpture in the San Carlos Academy, and given his interest in color also took classes in the workshop of master painter Edgar Rangel in the House of culture Jesus Reyes Heroles.

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