Carlos Ramos


    • Male
    • Sculptor


    About the artist

    Carlos Ramos was born in Lisbon in 1960 having created an extensive work in areas such as graphic design, interior design, ex-libr?s and medalist.
    In 1996 the artist participated for the first time in a sculpture exhibition in the Art Gallery of the Casino Estoril having since then participated in fifty-four collective exhibitions and thirty-three individuals in Portugal only plus three individual exhibitions in Spain.
    The artist received the ANJE Acquisition Prize in Porto and an Honorable Mention in the IV Edinfor Sculpture Prize.

    His work is represented in several private and public collections in Portugal, England, Brazil, Spain and Angola:

    ANJE-Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs), Junta de Freguesia de Sacavém, Johnson & Johnson, Câmara Municipal (Town Hall) de Proença-a-Nova, Edinfor, Frigoservice, Grupo Sousa Pedro, Delco Remi, Câmara Municipal (Town Hall) de Santarém, Hotel Hepic Sana, Hotel Myriad, etc.