• Male
    • Street art
    • anacronista
    • Neoconceptual
    • Painter


    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Trial with paint as if it were closer to the mystery, as a process of meditation and fullness of existence. Why I like to see myself as a Minister of the plastic expression, scrutinizing the sacredness therein resides and which leads us to the goodness of the self and its environment.

    In my process usually mix drawings, paintings and photographs with editing programs to conclude in a sort of digital abocetamiento, but from here I am interested in what happens to bring this image to the more traditional language of painting. First, in the process of drawing, where refers to each form through the line dance and produces a gestural appropriation of prior to his painting forms. Later, soil staining with oil, allowing to dry out more slowly me longer contemplation while working, so that the image slowly takes off his condition and enters a new dimension, a new place.

    I like to place the figurative in a border with geometric abstraction. Sometimes looking for references in the landscape industry, mythology, places where can I find a poetic tension and I can start to set up the visual space.

    I want to create a painting with force and poetic depth, out towards the Viewer, offering a haven of peace brimming with possibilities of mutual coexistence.

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