Carolyn Ann Steward


    • Female
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • tempera wax, oils
    • Illustrator


    Galleries exhibited in the past:
    Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT,

    Korongo Gallery, Randolph, VT

    Cortina Inn Rutland, community exhibits, VT

    DHMC art exhibits, Hanover NH

    Gifford Hospital private art exhibit, Randolph, VT

    White River Art and Craft ongoing exhibits, Randolph, VT

    Paletteers, ongoing art exhibits, Barre. VT

    Chandler, Community art exhibit, Randolph, VT

    About the artist

    When I was a young painter I painted out of passion. This passion led to discipline and discipline has led to inspiration. I get inspired by what I see. I cannot paint without having some sort of subject and that subject can be the same thing over and over again. In the visual world there are infinite variables to explore. I use photography and visual lessons acquired from my forty plus years at my craft. By using photographs I am free to paint almost anything but I like to keep it within my own reference point of experience so that I can see deeper into my subject than the camera allows.

    I use tempera because it is a very responsive medium and I like the vibrant color it has. I use it in a similar way that oil paints are used. That is, I will apply it thick and use broad brushwork as well as tiny detailing. Having my work on the Internet gives me a chance to share it. The art on this site may or may not be available for sale. You can contact me for inquires through the email link. I hope you enjoyed the exhibit. Thank you.