Casey Monroe


    • Female
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    Casey is a photographer and a web developer but she is also fascinated with cars and car racing. She knows her way around car repairs - and maintenance. It is not common for a woman to know auto repairs but this task is one of her source of enjoyment. She grew up with her dad who taught her the basic of mechanic jobs. Her passion in the field of mechanics is one thing that makes her unique as a woman.

    She went to a technical school for one year but eventually did not finish her mechanic course because she suddenly had a change of heart and shifted to photography. For her, life is an adventure. She has so much passion.

    Right now, she also enjoys web development projects. She has that personality of wanting to learn a little of everything, thus she tries every possible thing she can do. She knows that life is not always easy as we want it to be but she wanted to discover how far she can get while exploring this short life.

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